Co-organised a Teachmeet at the National Maritime Museum with two Cultural Leader colleagues, to share creative and cultural teaching practice between primary and secondary schools.

Spoke at #WomenEd Leadmeet on ‘Leading from the middle within the arts – creating a Cultural Passport’.


Spoke at #artsandcultureteachmeet at The Whitechapel Art Gallery on ‘Collaborations between Schools and Cultural Organisations’.


In November 2016, I organised my first Teachmeet dedicated to art and design at The Photographers Gallery in London.  Teachers and art educators spoke briefly, sharing what worked well for them in their settings; both primary and secondary.


Peer-led CPD can be incredibly powerful and supportive, and it was great to connect with other teachers informally.

The event was generously supported by The Photographers Gallery, The London Leadership Strategy, Specialist Crafts and Cass Art.

If you are interested in organising a Teachmeet, here’s a guide I wrote about my experience:

A beginners guide to organising a Teachmeet


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